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From campaigning for debt cancellation to challenging the notion that low-income countries need extractive-led industries to develop, Jubilee Australia’s work has always been deeply rooted in the need to create more sustainable economies.

Further shining a light on the urgency to do so are the interconnected crises of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the escalating climate and environmental emergency. Low-income countries should not have to:

  • battle the legacy of pollution caused by extractive industry projects while foreign companies reap the profits that they bank overseas
  • spend more money on debt down payments than on providing health care services for their people
  • borrow money to address the climate crisis – a crisis which they had little part in creating in the first place

Instead of debt-fuelled economies relying on extractive-led development paths, we advocate for sustainable economies that create healthy, safe, and equitable communities ready to rise to challenges awaiting. Our comprehensive research shows that this is possible.