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Paga Hill was a quiet seaside community in Port Moresby before developers moved in and forcibly evicted the residents in order to build a luxury tourist and commercial development. The evictions which took place in 2012 and 2014 saw the residents’ homes destroyed and their lives upended. Three thousand people have since been scattered across the city. 

Local Papua New Guinean authorities carried out the evictions. However, they were done in response to court orders sought and obtained by the Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC), a company with strong Australian connections. 

In 2021, we published a joint report with AID/WATCH: Haus Bagarap, Hevi Kamap (Homes Destroyed, Livelihoods Lost). The report is a systematic study that traces the impact of the demolitions and the evictions on the displaced communities of Paga Hill. 

Our work aims to ensure evicted families receive justice for the harms they have suffered and prevent other urban land grabs in PNG. 


The tragic story of these evictions is beautifully captured in Hollie Fifer's feature-length documentary film The Opposition.

“The story of Paga Hill should be seen as a cautionary tale, a warning for others to prepare for forced development in Papua New Guinea. To be one step ahead of what’s coming.”